Advent Conspiracy

Advent Conspiracy

November & Decmber

For the next few weeks we're going to be unpacking the four main themes of Advent Conspiracy: Spend Less, Give More, Love All & Worship Fully. Advent Conspiracy is about reclaiming the power of Christmas to change the world.

One of our main goals is to spend less on excess gifts so we can pool our resources to do something great.
This year we have two church-wide Advent projects:

(1) $15,000 towards helping our partner, Clackamas Service Center, finish rebuilding their kitchen that was recently destroyed in a fire. CSC serves the physical needs of our local homeless population and has a 44-year record of success as a safe, reliable, and welcoming community hub where community members can enjoy a hot meal, access grocery support, get basic medical and dental care, attend nutrition classes, take a shower, get a haircut and some clean clothes, and connect with other resource “spokes” when desired. Through their core Community Nutrition Program, CSC distributes 360,000 pounds of food per year, which is provided to approximately 1,200 individuals each month through an average of 450 food boxes and 3,000 nutritious lunches and dinners. The average number of food boxes provided each month has increased 21% in the last year alone. CSC recently had a fire that destroyed their kitchen. They are in the process of rebuilding to make their space more accommodating and accessible for their growing client base. The project costs $500,000. We want to give the last $15,000 to put them over the top.

(2) $10,000 towards purchasing a van for Welcome Home Ministries in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico. WHM is located in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico. They run a preschool, feeding program, and house building project for the poorest of the poor. Recently their van that is used to transport the kids broke down. We want to buy them a new van which will cost approximately $10,000. This van will transport kids to church on Sunday and to other youth events. 

We will be taking a special Advent Conspiracy offering on Sunday, December 17

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