Advent Conspiracy

Advent Conspiracy

Offering: December 15

Advent Conspiracy is a global movement to recover the true heart of the Advent season. Our world has taken Advent and made it all about presents, cookies, parties, and rushing all over the place: the busy-ness of business. Advent Conspiracy is about putting the story of Jesus back at the center of the season and remembering that this story changed everything and is still changing everything. It can change us, too, if we can learn to see things differently.

One of the big themes in Advent Conspiracy is spending less so we can give more. Spending less on presents that we'll forget in a week and spending more on things that will change our world for the better. Spending less on gifts so we can pool our resources and do something with big impact. On Sunday, December 15 we will take our annual Advent Conspiracy Offering to benefit two of New Hope's Justice Partners.

Our goal is to raise a total of $35,000 for

Clackamas Service Center: We are helping CSC purchase a refrigerated truck to help increase the amount of donated food (and donor retailers) that is collected weekly while also decreasing the number of trips currently being done by an old, tired van.

Open Arms International: We are helping finalize the purchase, shipping, and installment of a refurbished playground to replace the village's old playground that was demolished a few years ago due to safety concerns. This gift is crucial to the ongoing development of the children at Open Arms.