Forgiveness Series

Join us as we explore a new series on Forgiveness: What it is, what it isn’t and why it matters. Throughout each week we will be looking at a different aspect of forgiveness.

  • Week One: Why Forgive?
  • Week Two: Forgiving Others
  • Week Three: Forgiving Ourselves
  • Week Four: Forgiveness & God
  • Week Five: Reconciliation

The reality is that the person most impacted by forgiveness is the person who needs to forgive. When we refuse to forgive, pockets of anger and bitterness begin to form in the depths of our hearts and that affects and shapes how we see God, others and ourselves.

We are all broken humans trying to do life together. We will wound one another and be wounded. Thus forgiveness is essential to healthy relationships, families and spiritual communities.

Why Forgive? Audio | Video |  Notes  
Pastor Tim Mackie  |  Sunday, January, 3, 2016

Forgiving Others AudioVideo |  Notes 
Pastor John Rosensteel  |  Sunday, January, 10, 2016

Forgiving Ourselves Audio | Video |  Notes 
Pastor Paul LeFeber  |  Sunday, January, 17, 2016

Forgiveness & God Audio |  Video |  Notes 
Pastor John Rosensteel  |  Sunday, January, 24, 2016

Reconciliation Audio |  Video |  Notes 
Pastor Paul LeFeber  |  Sunday, January, 31, 2016