Advent Offering

Advent Offering

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Advent Offering

Justice is one of our core values here at New Hope. We believe the Church has a special role to play in making things right, so we want to respond to the Advent season by caring for the people in our community. One of our goals with this is to give purposefully—raising funds for justice partners and projects that serve vulnerable communities. Each year we are invited to spend less and give more through our Advent Offering. This year we want to focus on caring for the caregivers - with a goal of raising $24,000 to be distributed among three recipients:


Recipient 1: Woodmere Elementary School Staff

Mt. Scott Church of God has a long-term relationship with Woodmere Elementary. Woodmere is a low-income school right here in our neighborhood. As you know, teachers and school staff are still extending themselves in ways they had never imagined due to the challenges of the past year and a half. We want to care for these vital caregivers by providing every employee (teachers, admin, janitorial, cooks, etc.) with a Treat Yo'self gift card. Additionally, we want to present all teachers with an additional gift card that could be used toward classroom supplies. $12,000 of the Advent Offering will go toward the Woodmere Elementary Staff.


Recipient 2: New Hope Missionaries

New Hope supports 5 individuals and couples as missionary partners (The Kreutz', The Melkis, The Kemmers, The Langfords, and Portia Manjengwa.) Our financial support goes directly into their regular expense funds. It’s no surprise that, much like us, these missionaries have had to navigate unprecedented challenges in the last year and half. We'd like to care for these men and women by sending them a financial gift that can be used in any way they want, with the hope that it will lighten a financial burden, launch a new dream, or be used for a special self-care opportunity. $10,000 of the Advent Offering will go toward these missionaries who have dedicated their lives to the service of others.


Recipient 3: Parents of Local Families in Need 

Historically, New Hope has supported families in need during the holidays through the Gift Station. This year, we get to care for these caregivers through the Advent Offering. The last year and a half has put a financial strain on many of us, especially those who were already struggling to make ends meet. We want to care for parents of families in need by giving $2,000 of the Advent Offering toward purchasing gift cards that they can use to buy gifts for their children and loved ones this Christmas. 


Fundraising Goal: $24,000

New Hope has a history of being generous and it is certainly possible that we will blast past this goal, which will just mean the chance to be even more generous to these individuals.

~$12,000 for Woodmere ($200 per employee, plus $100 extra for classroom teachers)

~$10,000 for our missionaries ($2,000 for each of the five groupings)