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Volunteer Application

If you’d like to explore volunteering submit the following application. Our children's pastor will set up a one-on-one interview.

Volunteer Application

9:30 AM

  • Greeter for 3s and 4s, every other week
  • Greeter for 4s and 5s, every other week
  • Greeter for Kindergarten
  • 2 Small group leaders for 2nd grade
  • Greeter for 3rd and 4th grade
  • 2 Small group leaders for 4th grade
  • Small group leader for 5th grade
  • Greeter for 5th grade

11:00 AM

  • Small group leader for 4s and 5s
  • Small group leader for Kindergarten
  • 2 Small group leaders for 1st grade
  • Small group leader for 2nd grade
  • Small group leader for 3rd grade
  • Greeter for 5th grade

What difference will I make in the kids' lives?

  • Kids long to know that they’re valuable. Nothing is more reassuring of their value than an adult who chooses to come each week just so they can teach them about the love of Jesus! The difference you make in their lives is evident each week, and also in eternity.
  • How many times a month do I have to serve?

  • It depends on your volunteer role. Small Group Leaders often serve every week, greeters can serve every week or every other week (depending on preference).
  • Do I have to have experience working with children?

  • No. All that’s required is an ability to relate to kids & families, and a desire to teach kids about the love of Jesus. For the safety of our kids we do run a background check on anyone who is interested in volunteering.
  • Do I have to prepare anything?

  • All the supplies are prepared for you, but it helps to read the curriculum a few days in advance, so you have time to figure out what you’ll be doing.
  • Can I help behind the scenes rather than in a classroom?

    If a classroom doesn’t sound ideal to you, we have greeters at the doors of the classes, and check-in assistants who operate our computerized check-in systems.

    Will I do the same job every week or will it change?

    Unless you’re volunteering to be a substitute, it’ll always be the same. Kids thrive in consistent environments, so we place high value on keeping small groups the same each week.

    What if I'm busy on a Sunday, get sick, or have plans?

    No problem, just fill out an absence form in advance so we can secure a substitute for you. Also, we place all our volunteers on teams, so if there is an unexpected absence, the team can cover it.

    Are there people around to help when I have questions?

    Always! Aside from your classroom team, there are very knowledgeable staff and coordinators who are always looking for ways to help.

    What if I change my mind?

    We consider the first month a “dating” period. No hard feelings if you decide to serve elsewhere.

    What if my child is in Kids Community? Can I choose whether to be in their classroom or not?

    Absolutely. We do our best to assign each volunteer to their ideal serving role.

    How early should I show up before the service?

    At least 15 minutes.

    What's a small group leader?

    A small group leader connects relationally with five to eight kids, to speak truth into their lives and celebrate spiritual growth. Small group leaders often serve weekly.

    What's a classroom greeter?

    Greeters welcome parents and kids as they transition to class so they feel known and safe. They are the “gatekeepers” of each room. Greeters often serve every other week.