Getting Married at New Hope Step by Step

01 Complete a marriage application

We ask that you submit the wedding application 6-9 months before your desired wedding date so that you can complete the necessary steps in the wedding process.

02 Complete your PREPARE Assessment

The Prepare Assessment is a detailed relationship evaluation designed for engaged couples. The profile will help you identify the unique strengths and potential growth areas of your relationship. The fee is $75, which covers the cost of the assessment and the meeting with your Prepare Counselor.

03 Meet with a PREPARE counselor

After completion of the PREPARE assessment, you will meet with a PREPARE counselor to review the results of the assessment. This appointment will take place at New Hope and lasts about 90 minutes.

04 Enter the Mentor Process

After meeting with your Prepare Counselor you will be assigned a Marriage Mentor couple. These mentors are New Hope couples who have been married for varying lengths of time, and whose desire is to assist engaged couples start their lives together successfully. Each engaged couple will meet with a mentor couple between 4 and 6 sessions to discuss a variety of aspects of married life.

05 Meet with your Pastor

You will be assigned a Pastor three months prior to your wedding and will meet with him or her about 2 months before the wedding. Please contact the Wedding Ministry Coordinator if you have a specific pastor you would like to request for your ceremony. While we cannot guarantee the availability of a specific pastor, in most cases we will be able to accommodate your request.