You want to connect, to be a part of something, but your life looks different from the woman sitting in the pew next to you. Will you fit in?
Thankfully, fitting in is not what community is about.

At New Hope, we’re committed to the good, messy work of coming together in a world that’s tearing us apart. It’s not about all looking the same, doing the same, or thinking the same. It’s about celebrating the diversity we bring and discovering how we might follow Jesus and share His love together. Age, stage, ethnicity, hurts, history—God’s table welcomes you.

Below, you’ll see four different opportunities within the Women's Community. They represent a diverse mix of activities, times, locations, and purposes because we know one size rarely fits all. Browse the options below and click on each square to learn more and sign up.

Bible Study
Discipleship Groups
Book Club
Fun Stuff



Hannah Souter | Community & Spiritual Formation
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| 503-659-5683 x405

Hannah is passionate about creating opportunities for connection and growth. She graduated from George Fox Evangelical Seminary
with her MA in Ministry Leadership and has a particular interest in community care and spiritual formation.
Learn more about Hannah on the Meet Our Team page.