Could coming together
lead to a better story?

For several years, we’ve been in the process of discerning God’s will for our next long-term home. You can read about our decision to relocate HERE. After selling and moving out of our previous location in May, we began to pray about New Hope’s next step. That’s when the conversation about a potential church merger began. In this potential merge, New Hope would adopt Mt. Scott Church of God into our church family. You can learn more and find an overview of the potential merge by clicking the link below.

Merger Overview


What is a merger?

There are many different kinds of mergers. New Hope and Mt. Scott are working out a plan for an adoption merger whereby New Hope would adopt Mt. Scott. In this scenario, Mt. Scott would cease to exist as a separate entity and would join with New Hope. The resulting combination would create a church in the Mt. Scott neighborhood that would also serve the greater Portland area. The goal is to combine the two churches, creating a community that is stronger together than we would be apart, collectively advancing the Kingdom of God.

Another way to say this is that New Hope would be the leading church and Mt. Scott would be the joining church.

When would a merger happen?

Teams from both churches and a joint team are working through the steps recommended in the church merger guidebook “Better Together” by Tomberlin and Bird.

While our timeline is flexible, we hope to make a decision on whether to proceed with the merger by the beginning of October, followed by 2-3 months of preparation for an official adoption. This potential merger could happen near the beginning of 2021.

Who would be the lead pastor?

John Rosensteel would continue as the combined church’s Lead Pastor.

What about Mt. Scott's staff?

It is a priority for everyone involved to care well for all staff members throughout the transition. We plan to explore how best to integrate members of Mt. Scott’s staff to create a flourishing team that equips our church to follow Jesus and share His love.

Do our two churches align theologically?

Yes! Remarkably so. You can find information about New Hope’s core beliefs here, and you can find Mt. Scott’s core beliefs here. Additionally, leaders from each church have discussed a number of key theological concepts in order to ensure unity. The goal is to be aligned on core beliefs while recognizing that there may be minor differences.

Who is leading the merger?

Three teams are in place to lead both congregations through the merger. There is one team that has a combination of Mt. Scott and New Hope leadership. Mt. Scott and New Hope each have separate teams as well. You can find more information on these teams in the overview document.

Near the end of August, Chris Yarco was hired as a consultant as both churches navigate this conversation. Chris is a lead executive for Willamette Christian Church and has had experience with multiple church mergers, especially within the adoption model which New Hope and Mt. Scott are pursuing.


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