Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! This holiday is often marked by cheesy cards and overpriced bouquets, but can also serve as an opportunity to invest in the people that mean the most. Whether celebrating with a partner, friends, or with family, we hope these ideas spark some meaningful connections for you in this season of LOVE!

  • Game Night – Let your loved one(s) choose!
  • Coffee Q&A – Grab some notecards and head to your favorite coffee shop. Have each person write down 5-10 fun, open-ended questions. Take turns answering and see if you can learn something new about each other.
  • Stroll Down Memory Lane – Make a picnic dinner and look at old videos/pictures together, from baby days or early dating days (this would be especially fun to do as a family).
  • Shoestring Date – See if you can put together a fun date on a budget. Bring $20 with you and spend only that much for your evening out (think dollar menus, dollar store, dollar movies). Also a fun one to do with kids!
  • Theme Dinner – Plan a special dinner (theme, unique kind of cuisine) and prepare it together.
  • Dollar Store – Buy each other gifts at the dollar store. During your Valentine's dessert, present your gifts to each other and explain why you chose them.
  • Geocache – Download the Geocache App for your smart phone and use it to search for Geochaches near you. It’s like treasure hunting with your phone and often involves a bit of adventure!
  • Take a Hike – Get out for a morning hike, rain or shine. Embrace your muddy adventure if the weather is crummy and get something cozy to drink afterward.
  • Throwback – Choose a favorite activity to relive from your junior or senior high days (bowling, roller skating, mini-golf, go karts).
  • “Pal”entine's – Put together a potluck dinner with friends where, in addition to food, everyone brings Valentines for each other.


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